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Our Story 

We are a small family breeder located in a small cozy northern Indiana town named Bremen.

We have raised puppies for more than eight years now and have absolutely loved every second! It brings so much joy to our hearts every time one of these adorable little pups makes their grand entrance into the world.

Our children love being apart of everything! From feedings to playtime ( Especially playtime ;)

We take the greatest care in making sure our puppies are happy and healthy until they are safe in the arms of their new family!

Each of our puppies come with a health guarantee, a microchip from "Reunite" and a basket full of goodies including the food they are currently eating so you can incorporate it slowly into the food of your choosing to avoid an upset stomach. They will come with a blanket that will remind them of the smell of their littermates to also help ease the transition to their new home! Also included are some toys they have come to love, treats (can't forget treats!) and a "Lasting Legacy" leash to remember us by :)  

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