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Weekly Tips:

When puppies get bored they tend to start developing destructive habits and behaviors,

Puppy 101 is, if we aren't stimulating their minds or keeping them busy, they will come up

with their own ways to pass the time ;) We have put together a few ideas that will help keep

your little buddy busy!

Hide & Seek.

Engage in a simple game of hide and seek! Start by hiding treats in your hand and have them try and guess which hand and then move up to hiding them around the house! See how many your

little bud can find?

Change Your Walking Routes.

Routinely changing up your walking/running route is a an easy way to keep your little

tike on their toes. Giving them new "smells to smell" is great mental stimulation!

Interactive Toys

Interactive toys are great at getting him or her to focus. Toys such as "kongs" that can be filled with peanut butter or even mashed potatoes :) (Pro Tip: put it in the freezer!) Treat puzzles and dispensers are a great way to keep your little bud occupied as well.

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