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Puppy Product Highlight ...


Meet the "Cuddle Puppy" this product was a God send for us! Some puppies have a hard time adjusting to life on their own outside of the cuddly comforts of sleeping in a little pup pile with their brothers and sisters. This is where the "Cuddle Puppy" comes in. The "Cuddle Puppy" is a soft plush puppy dog with a special surprise on the inside. A beating heart and a small heat pack! I will admit that when we ordered this I didn't hold out much hope that it would work, but low and behold it did! After winding down for bed we got our pup all settled in his crate and put the "Cuddle Puppy" in with him and like magic, he was soo relaxed and slept through the entire night! The small heart that fits inside the "Cuddle Puppy" has a timer and you may purchase additional heat packs :) Do yourself a favor, if you have a little guy/gal that has trouble adjusting or maybe even a little separation anxiety and get a "Cuddle Puppy"... You'll thank us later :)



Farris is a standard Golden doodle. He is very

curious, likes to go exploring, and is always

ready for a new adventure! He wants to be your

new best friend and will be the perfect addition

to you or your family! He comes with a 1yr health

guarantee, certificate, and puppy care package

full of goodies! Farris will be current on shot,

vaccinated, vet checked, and de-wormed!

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