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How To Teach Your Dog To Ring a Bell When They Need To Go Outside!


Training your doggo to ring a bell is one of the easiest ways to potty train them! Its hard to determine when your pup needs to go to the bathroom. You start to find yourself watching them like a hawk, trying to decipher their behavior to prevent them from having an accident! (We've all been there :) "Bell Training Is an easy way to be a step ahead of the house training game.


1. A Bell

This can be a simple shop bell (This is what we use!) or a rope of bells that hang from your door. These are a couple examples, but anything your dog can easily reach and nudge with their little noses to make that ringing noise will work perfectly fine :)

2. Training Treats

Keeping small, low calorie training treats on hand as a reward will be super helpful!

3. Time

The time it will take to train you dog will differ based on their personality :)


Obviously running up to a bell and ringing it with their little paw or nose isn't a natural instinct for a dog, so we have to teach them how. :) Start by introducing him/her to their new bell, take their paw and ring it for them and if they happen to touch it by themselves while doing this, definitely reward him/her with a treat! This may take them a few days to grasp. After we are familiar with the bell start by taking his or her paw and ringing the bell every time you take him/her outside to the bathroom. By doing this you are training them that in order to go outside they must ring the bell first. After you feel they are used to this action. Start walking with them to the bell and signal them to ring it by themselves, your doggo should catch on in no time! Most dogs are very eager to please their families and will catch on pretty quickly.

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